People Can Now Check If Their Kid Has Cancer Eye Through Flash Photography


It may not be widely known but unfortunately kids at a young age often suffer from retinoblastoma, an aggressive cancer that is usually shown to toddlers, since it’s caused by immature cells.

Now, through an ad campaign in Britain, anyone can check if their kid suffers from that illness, by using flash photography. This campaign, which was originally designed for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, features interactive posters, the goal of which is to inform parents of this ability. Each poster shows a kid who has survived this illness and so parents can take a picture of a poster using the flash photography of their camera. Through the resulting photo they can see the symptoms of the retinoblastoma: a bright spot instead of a “red eye” (which is usually caused from a flash light). If there are no “red eye” spots at all and just a glow at one eye, then there’s an indication of the illness.

By that way, a parent can now take a shot of his kid and help him save his eye or even his life.