Text: Etten/ Commentary: Yorgos Kelefis / Photography: Carolina Mey /  Make-up: Mairy Fakinou

Somewhere there was a city where people lived next one another and worked in factories built next to each other. The name of the city is unknown. People who lived there were working so hard, they were completely overtaken by stress and had forgotten the name of their city.
All factories in the city, with the name that nobody remembers, produced the usual stuff, such as medicines, plastics, crisps, etc. All except one: one factory produced only bubbles. No one knew the reason why, all they knew was that huge bubbles in different colours came out of its chimney.
No one really cared about the bubbles in the sky. Everyone was too busy, engrossed in stressful thoughts and work. All except one: a girl who would often look at the bubbles and whose name we neither know. She had in the past introduced herself but nobody really remembers, their minds occupied with work and stress.
The girl loved watching the ants carrying things on their backs. She also wanted to solve the mystery why people, who she thought were nice, were so immersed in their work that they had forgotten the name of their own city…
One day after spending hours observing ants, she looked up in the sky and saw the bubbles. A smile came on her face and begun to run! She run so fast that some stressed workaholic people paused for a while to watch her running in between them! She run as fast as she could reaching the city’s highest hill. She stayed there for hours looking at the bubbles and moving her hands. At night she came down feeling disappointed. Every morning since that day she would come out of her house and run to the highest picks of the city; sometimes to the hill, sometimes in tall buildings. Soon, people begun talking about a girl seen spending time in the city’s highest points looking at the bubbles and moving her hands in a strange manner…
No one really knew the reason why. No one could ever imagine that all she ever wanted was to sneak into one of the huge bubbles and fly above the city, just to watch the people as if they were ants. This way she might begin to understand them.


Eleni Tzavara, known as Etten, is probably today’s best Greek pop singer. Her initiation to discography happened as the lead vocals for group Film, while recently she is pursuing a well suited solo career. In the recent presentation of ‘Tech Me Away’ in Bios, the new album by Michael Delta, she gave a breathtaking performance and her first album ‘i know you ‘re behind me but i’m not scared’ sounds amazing on our ipod. She decided to dedicate to OZON a fairy tale full of colorful bubbles.


Link: facebook.com/ettenmusic, myspace.com/elenitzavara