Ηe once sung with Matisse and is now working solo. Galliano himself –yes, THAT Galliano – once likened him to an Olympian god. Born in Sydney, Australia, he has been living in Athens for a number of years now. A model a stylist and performer. This is the world of Alex Kavvadias.

What’s the story of Alex Kavvadias? Model? Rock star? Pop star?

I don’t like putting tags on myself. Though I started out as model and later focused on my music career, there are still times when I go back to the fashion world as model, stylist or creative director and I feel like it will always be a part of me, because I really love it. As far as music is concerned, I still very much like to experiment with various styles, so I don’t think that the rock or pop tag really suits me.

What are you doing musically at the moment?
I’m about to release my new track called Childish Dream. It’s a glam rock song and I’ve also just completed the videoclip for it.

Describe to us the most beautiful image you come across, both here and in Sydney.

I’ll always hold the sunsets here in Athens very close to my heart. Those that I can see every day from my balcony. I’m very fortunate to have a house that looks out over the city and the sea. I also remember a very vivid image from my life in Sydney. I can recall going into town by train and as we would come out of this tunnel, we would be bathed in light and beauty of the Harbour bridge and the Opera house.

Are there any Greek artists that you admire? Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

I’m a big fan of Psarantonis who I’ve had the pleasure of working with already.

Besides being a musician and model, you are considered a fashion icon and you are also a stylist. How would you describe your style?

As far as my style is concerned, I like to mix and match simple items of clothing with more elaborate pieces, while mainly sticking to black. I don’t like putting tags on myself, so I’d rather leave to others to define whether I’m a style icon or not.

What song do you find impossible to resist to? What song makes you want to dance the moment you hear it?

My favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It’s a song that takes me to another world. I think that’s mainly due to the fact that it has a lot of emotional and musical shifts and of course Freddie Mercury’s vocal and overall performance are truly incomparable.

You can watch his video for the new song “A Childish Dream”, below:


Photo by: Ioanna Chatziandreou