How did you first get into photography?

After receiving encouragement from a good friend- I found my mother’s 35mm Minolta and asked my closest friends to stand in as my subjects. It became a personal venture that further awakened an understanding of my visual awareness. Likewise, photography drove me to observe other creative points of view outside of the lens.

How would you describe your photography style?

Unadulterated, capricious and sensitive to color. A dream-like tale usually awakened by it’s own reality- organically maturing.

What does photography mean to you?

Individually- photography is a quiet, personal recollection of my history. In a greater dialogue it was the base inspiration behind teenVAG Issue # 1- an all female publication I co-founded with my best friend Allison Levy. Photography channels emotional volumes of an individual’s life experiences and incites a unique experience amongst an existent audience.

How would you prefer your art work to be perceived and experienced?

As a perennial narrative- one that grows, and matures throughout time and space. It is a very personal art form I share with my audience. It is as an escape- a diary of sorts that invites the eye to escape from the present.

There are so many other people trying to make it as photographers, did that ever hold you back?

Photography is a personal pursuit- tangible cognizance of my imagination. It is an interest in which I create for myself without any predetermined influence. I strongly believe the best work out there is produced in such a way where strong individual presence is evident and translates as a driving force of the work created.

Are you lonesome tonight Natasha?

I feel I am always in good company, even if I am in my own presence.

ADULTHOOD AWAKENINGS…New York based photographer and co-founder of the girly-zine ‘teenVag’, Natasha Nuñez is shooting female figures by giving them a playful form while they reflect upon their change from adolescence to adulthood. Her photography is absolutely personal depicting a dreamy-like teen world. She talks in Ozon about her kind of sisterhood and her focus on ‘TeenVag’ and its 2nd issue.