Adrian started publishing the magazine Finger with his friend to express in public their common passion for music. Since 2005 they have host in their pages hundreds of bands, musicians and djs from all over the world who have talked about their own favorites.

The area of Wiedikon is situated about ten stops from the central train station of Zurich. It is friendly, quite with beautiful shops and coffee places, a neighbourhood full of youths sitting relaxed in nice squares. We met Adrian there, in Idaplatz, at the café Piazza, on the first of May while in the centre of the city several incidents where taking place due to the Mayday. He arrived holding in his arms around ten Finger issues and he started explaining immediately that the concept behind Finger might be the most obvious for a music magazine. According to the editor of Finger, what we really want to listen from our favorite bands and artists is what their favorite is. So, in his magazines’ pages we can find out the likes of the musicians that we appreciate by several questions related to their beloved disk, band, concert, book, film, song, destination or even recipe. ‘We send emails to those that we like and we ask them for what they like and afterwards we publish it, it is that simple’, Adrian says. Both he and his colleague work in the field of advertising, fact that helps them with finding advertisements in order to fund the printing. Adrian’s dream is to manage to upload on Finger’s website all the interviews and in collaboration with to offer to readers links with relative information and music. As far as the music scene of the city, Adrian seems reluctant. ‘Until recently there weren’t important bands, it is difficult to overcome the Swiss borders. Today, with the economic crisis and the limited budget there is more attention paid to the local music and as a result something seems to be about to happen’, Adrian comments. Before the sunset, we discuss about the city of Zurich and the reasons why they keep Finger there. ‘Berlin might work better as the music basis of the magazine but the truth is I would never leave Zurich. It’s the lake, cycling everywhere with the bicycle, near nature, I go to good concerts in a city that doesn’t make me tired with its size and its society is constantly looking for the quality’. We probably agree with him and somehow like that, we say goodbye.

Interview: Yorgos Kelefis