Fantastikoi Hxoi – Sound Trips

He fills our minds with peculiar and moving sounds when old, and some really old, Greek songs are sampled to an
integral part of electronic compositions. Angelos, the creator behind the Amazing Sounds, is preparing a new
-and indeed fantastic – album released in spring and will be participating in the already sold out, German summer
festival Nachtdigital.

How did you come up with the idea and the name of the Amazing Sounds?

The name is inspired from old record collections titled ‘The Amazing Sounds Of…’
The actual idea for the project was born out of instinct, quite simply and
naturally. The creative sampling is something that back then interested me
greatly and seems to be, as a creative source, inexhaustible.

How do you react to the idea that one could come across to an old
Greek song for the first time in one of your tracks?

It is moving to bring back to the surface music long forgotten. The most forgotten,
the greater the thrill. I love the idea of someone appreciating both the old material
together with the new result.

What ‘s the process of choosing the songs for sampling?

There is no set formula. I am usually inspired by other people’s music and they
eventually end up in my band. At spring, if all goes well, my new album will be released
from Inner Ear, bursting with fine playing by outstanding local virtuosos of all

How did you keep your track s from becoming cult ?

I’ve never had any ironic disposition towards the material. The whole project stems
from a genuine love for the music I sample and hopefully this can come through. Trash
and cult is not my thing at all. Nostalgia for the past however, it is. Generally what fascinates
me in music is when something is raw. When it comes to contemporary music,
the things I usually like carry something raw, and spontaneous. Like Flying Lotus
or Gonja Sufi.

This coming together of different music eras in your tracks, is very
interesting. What is it that you hold from the past and what from the present?

Lately I tend to avoid looking at music in a linear sense. I see it more as a common point outside
of time where all currents meet.

What are you listening to at the moment ?

From new stuff, LA scene (Flying Lotus, Gonja Sufi, Gaslamp Killer, Daedelus, Stones Throw).
From oldies, library music and anything forgotten, burnt and buried.

Interview: Dafni Anesti/ Photography: Panos Michail