Evripidis and his Tragedies

Evripidis and his Tragedies has recently released his second album called ‘Healthy dose of pain’  and talks at ozonweb about his new work, the new music video called ‘Teeth’ and his future plans. Read the interview and watch the video below.

‘Healthy dose of pain’ is your second album, how does it differ from the first one, did you face any difficulties? Where is the title inspired/influenced from?

Unlike the first one, this album was recorded at my own expense and without any hurry. So, I edited the orchestration and production more carefully. I was lucky, because I worked with a variety of musicians and I had at my disposal many different musical instruments. For several years, I faced many difficulties since we had no record label (the previous one, Touchme Records, bankrupted) and no manager. Also, we lost valuable time changing our bassist for 3 times. The album took 2 years to complete, due to unforeseen lapse that didn’t have to do with me. Because of Inner Ear Record Label, fortunately, the album became a reality as a limited edition vinyl and at the same time, because of Snap! Clap! Record Label released the album in Spain too. The album title and one of the songs’ title are inspired from Belle and Sebastian album, Dirty Dream Number Two. These two titles have an absolute relation to the content of lyrics that refers to the return of painful situations, such as loss of childhood, love without response, friends in fight, dreams that never come true and family deaths, in order to show humor, acceptance and sometimes hope. There is always light in darkness, self sarcasm and regeneration. A healthy dose of pain, always, helps to overcome the past and see the future and as my mum says: ‘whatever happens, life goes on’

Photo: Daniel Riera | Design: Ico Mateo and Carla Vega (Paralis)

What is your greatest expectation from your new album?

The same desire that every musician would imagine…to be heared as much as possible, to be released in countries that I could make live performances too and then record the next one!

Your new music video ‘Teeth’ was released recently..Tell us a bit about the filming process, what was your favorite part of the shooting?

The video and the song, deals with the loss, transformation, violent changes and new things that we face many times in our lives and was filmed on the hill of Montjuic, Barcelona. The place where we did the night shooting is located behind the cemetery. It is also one of the few parts of the hill where you can not see the city. A funny third detail is that this point is very popular for couples… During the film, several cars stopped a hundred yards away and stayed there for half an hour with the windows steaming and the lights off. Solitary males wandering in the shadows, stood and observed us and then disappeared in the darkness, sometimes alone and sometimes with someone else who had just come up. That evening, we certainly destroyed the love chasing and we could even seem scary as we looked like Dionysian mystics or worse, satanic ritual. The shooting was very pleasant as we felt like children and we had, all the time, the feeling that we were playing in an 80s film, starring as teens, who go into the forest to get drugs, tell scary stories and face their worst fears. Somehow, this is the story of the video. But, let me add here that we had many accidents as rain started during the film and our car got out of order. There was some bad time, but, generally, we had a great time.

Any plans for visiting Athens soon for live performances?

I will do a concert on Thursday 1st March at 6dogs. I will play piano songs from my first and second album as well as some revisions, all through candlelight. I had done it once before and it was very nice. I will also play music at my favorite bars as Pop, Cantina Social and maybe somewhere else…we will see. I hope our Athens, despite the blows that receives, remains as fun as I remember.

Future plans?

Over the coming months I have several concerts in Barcelona, Madrid and other Spanish cities, many dj-sets and a forthcoming short tour in the north countries, like Finland, Sweden and Germany, hopefully in summer. Also, I will make an exhibition with paintings to Madrid in June. At the same time, we prepare our new video for the song Before it’s over. I have started and another band with my friend and former member of the group, Odil Bright. Our group is called Evil and for now we make music for a movie, a small length record and some demos and background music for a promotional film of the online store, Blessthatdress, which I have with another friend and member of the group, the Marisol Simó. My most direct plan is to come to Athens in a few days. I can’t wait!

Photo: Ignasi Casas | Interview: Gelly Siganou |