Summer Kisses Winter Tears – Mikael Delta

Michalis Delta releases Tech Me Away and Athens dances away. Bodies in love, bodies fighting, when all we need is a bit of
balance. Michalis Delta tries hard to remain calm in the face of what is happening, observing the city’s distress and making
music that reminds us of our childhood freedom.

What is different in Tech Me Away?

The audience is probably the best to decide. In my personal ‘space’ I feel different than some years ago. I have understood the way I defend ‘me’ and I think that this standpoint might delay some interesting events and experiences from unravelling.

‘A body to love, a body to fight’ in the lyrics of ‘She is a boy’ sung by Etten. Who is she? An oppressed body struggling with herself?

We often full of guilt experience the separation from the body and we unconsciously punish it, totally unaware of its sacredness. However this song, in let’s say a second level, is commenting on the reconciliation of the female and male side. There, in this point of union, I think one is fulfilled and finds harmony.

Occurrences, images, experiences, what is the perspective you look at things?

I am a realist but in a few moments of enlightenment, I become an observer with a poetic eye. However my insecurity is so intense that soon takes me off the track. At times when I go over the top and think I know better, follows an experience that demystifies it all and this hold an inner charm. The good thing is that I have stopped having a victim mentality.

What is your relationship with the strange everyday life we experience?

I want to keep calm. To re-appreciate all I have that make me feel ‘rich’ when I look in the mirror. I seek moments of silence so I can let go from the noise of thoughts. Thinking is a low value frequency whereas music gives me meaning and strength and takes me back to childhood.

Your influences are purely ‘electronic’?

They never were, I have always listened to diverse genres. I feel I was lucky as a teenager where my music education began taking shape. Today I listen to old sounds, Jazz mainly, but I also like the work of young artists.

What is the state of electronic music in Greece right now?

Much better than what was twenty years ago. New talented artists, like Seraphim Tsotsonis, speak with music passion and emotional intelligence through their work and paint a new musical aesthetic in greek electronica. Unfortunately the media do not give the necessary support for this music to reach out.

Is there a thought for a collaboration with someone from the younger generation?

We are already talking about it with Seraphim.

In this album you collaborated with Etten and again with Billie Ray Martin. How did these came up?

I took notice of Etten when she was with Film. We met completely by chance, became good friends and naturally progressed in working creatively with music. Billie I met eight years ago in Berlin where we worked together in an album that was never released. I changed the music in one of the tracks of that project and included it in ‘Tech Me Away’.

What are you listening to lately? A song that best expresses your mood?

Liza Gerrard ‘Space weaver’.

What are your plans?

Besides concerts … I have no idea!

> ‘Tech Me Away’ is released by Klik Records.

Interview: Danai Alaska/ Photography: Dafni Anesti