How Much Money Does Traveling Around The World Need?


They have been to more than 50 countries in all 5 continents, surpassing 150,000 km. But how many dollars a day, do they need to spend in order to travel around the world?

Wojciech and Karol Lewandowski are Polish bloggers who bought a used van worth $600, in order to make their dream come true: to be continuously on the road. Spending just $8 a day, they have proved that traveling around the world can actually be a low-cost hobby. How exactly have they achieved this?

To begin with, the main cost of traveling is fuel. Therefore, they either choose to travel with company (and share the expenses), to avoid driving at high speed or even to stay longer in the same place. Then, provided that the weather permits it, they enjoy sleeping outdoors, cutting down on hotel fees. They buy the cheapest food available (in Australia, for example, they used to have meat from kangaroos) and cook it themselves. They know how to repair the van, if necessary, and sometimes they rely on the hospitality of the locals. They have electric shower, even if they enjoy bathing in lakes and rivers. When they need to cross the ocean,  they look for sponsors to cover the costs and in return they provide them with advertising space on their van. Last but not least, they work from their van, as long as they have a wifi connection. In fact, during their journey, they managed to publish two books and earn a little money.

PS. Wojciech and Karol got engaged in Sahara and are still on the road, as we speak.