Album Review: BERLIN BRIDES Modern Celibacy (Inner Ear)

Τext: George Nikas |

Larry Tee called it electroclash. Others were talking about female techno. It’s been a few years since then, and the two girls from Athens haven’t forgotten that. Without thinking of the electronic music clichés, they just created music. Their music. They made it out of explosive teenage fantasies, dirty bachelor parties, colourful balloons with smoke, tiny majestic experimental instruments, inside a mentally overcharged garage of American dreams, Athenian sun and Berlin’s creative melancholy, dressed in white, smelling like Gaultier, gas and sweat. They might have all these in mind. Or not. But that’s the picture. And since their first melodies of ‘Ballad for the Touch-Deprived’, Natasa and Marilena play with your head – drop their music in your mp3 player on Saturday night , while you’re going to the next bar, and make you wanna dance under glitter rain on top of the annoying strangers who are just standing on the wall while having their drinks. You’ve seen their face before..