THEESatisfaction (Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White), is a brand new R&B hip-hop duo from Seattle, that released last month one of the best and most interesting debut albums of the year so far. After their guest-track on Shabazz Palaces‘ 2011 “Black Up” album, Sub Pop Records signed the duo to release their first full length. Titled awE naturallE the critically acclaimed LP contains wonderful tracks with funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi sounds and the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul. First official single and music is “QueenS”, which was published a few days ago directed by the famous New York-based author and filmmaker Dream Hampton. Inspired by art star Mickalene Thomas, the clip is the coolest ladies-only dance party captured for a music video in some time, full of beauties in dress-up having a great time together. Turn off your swag and check your bag!