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-4FASHIONSHAKE III Days -DAY II-March 30th DIGITARIA in collaboration with KUNSTHALLE ATHENA present: ‘Mind Over Matter’ Fall/Winter 2011


Fashion label DIGITARIA will present its 2011 Autumn/Winter collection ‘MIND OVER MATTER’, through a subversive art project within 4FASHIONSHAKE DAYS in the open art space of KUNSTHALLE ATHENA on Wednesday March 30th from 20.30 to 23.00.

Eleftheria Arapoglou, has studied Fashion Design at Surrey Institute of Art and Design in London. After her graduation in 2001, she came back to Greece having already plans for the creation of her own label. She has worked as an editor in chief at OZON magazine and as a curator for the program fashion & exhibitions at ‘Trash Art’ Festival (International Festival of Art of Recycling). At 2004, she started a subversive and unique avant garde label for women called LasCosasQueNosElevan (LACQNE).

At 2008 she started DIGITARIA label, an innovative fashion label that offers bespoke tailoring and strong silhouettes that appeal to both men and women. Digitaria is a label known for its design with a style statement, merging wear ability with a high end appeal. Eleftheria Arapoglou was presented in various European countries from her first collections.

Through a special performance, DIGITARIA, will try to convert the distance between the characters, that are included in the installations, and the viewers with a metaphorical expression of time distance that separate our reality from the world. The characters-objects of the installation that live in a specific structure, communicate with different ways, such as whispers, and turn this installation into a living entity where the viewer navigates through these living entities. The performance is accompanied by videos and installations by Peter Dobill, Ewa Potocka, HOPE, Bernd Imminger