Filep Motwary, blogger/editor, costume designer, photographer and illustrator, is included as one of the “Worlds TOP Fashion Bloggers” in PRESTEL’s book “STYLE FEED” (2012) by William Oliver and Susie Bubble. Today he is the Fashion Features Editor of Dapper Dan magazine and contributes to many important fashion magazines and blogs.

He grew up in Cyprus, in a place very close to the Green Line. He recalls a particularly happy childhood, when he only had to use his imagination to invent ways to have fun. He is currently working on the costumes for an exhibition in Rome, a photography project and a series of video interviews with distinguishing personalities of the fashion industry in collaboration with POLIMODA in Florence. He is also on his way to the 2013 Hyères Festival.

Through a series of photographs “Double Trouble” documents children, whom Motwary has known since the day they were born, playing the “Game of Thrones”.


Text Alexandra Zografou