Designer and craftsman Kwanghun Hyun has created a range of contemporary cameras based on the pinhole camera known for being the simplest and oldest form of camera.

The Heartbeat Camera uses watch movements for their timing mechanisms and has a built-in watch face that controls the amount of time that the shutter is open. The name given to the camera reflects the pulsing of the movement it makes when a shot is taken. When reflected light passes through a small hole the image is preserved and projected, up-side down. The smaller the hole the sharper and dimmer the image will turn out.

Heartbeat 1 is a box of brass with plates, knobs and rings and a Unitas 6497 mounted to the front of the camera.


Heartbeat 2 is visually simpler and the watch sits inside a sealed compartment on the top of the camera.


The images both cameras produce are warm and moody with vignetting around the edge, perfect for those who desire atmospheric shots.

For more information visit Kwanghun Hyun’s website here.

Source: www.studio3hands.com