Unfriend Notify is a free extension which is now available for both Chrome and Firefox. The add on notifies you when someone unfriends you on Facebook.

Unfriend Notify, is the only way to discover who has deleted you from their Facebook friend list- other than browsing through your entire friends list or searching for any specific culprits based on your own suspicions. Well, in case someone wants to know who has unfriended them, we believe Unfriend Notify is in deed the best way. After installing the extension you’ll find a “Lost Friends” link at the top of your friends list, which shows the number of the people who have recently unfriended you. If you click on it you can also see their names – that is the whole point, right?

While Chrome and/or Firefox is running the extension instantly discovers if someone has unfriended you and alerts you of the devastating news.

Firefox version here,

Chrome version here.

*Suggestion: Don’t even bother!