Atopos Fondation Cartier- Charlie Le Mindu

Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture (ATOPOS CVC) presented ATOPIC BODIES [THREE]: THE LEIOTRICHOUS TRIBE in collaboration with the fashion designer and haute coiffeur Charlie Le Mindu, specially conceived for the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, in Paris on January.

Impressive and fantastical wigs by Charlie Le Mindu, extraordinary and colorful costumes by Vava Dudu, paper dresses by Travis Hutchinson from the ATOPOS CVC collection, as well as creations by Issey Miyake (supplied specially for this event), experimental music and sounds by La Chatte, all contributed to the creation of a strange and attractive world.

Charlie Le Mindu will also participate in ATOPOS CVC upcoming exhibition ‘Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion’ from May 14th to July 31st at Benaki Museum.

Watch Charlie Le Mindu‘s interview at France 3 Aquitaine here