A group of Greek young people who live in Paris for several years, created and used this video as an expression of how they see and feel the Greek news and reality from abroad. The video was shot in October 2011, under the French online KLAP Magazine.

“The sounds of Athens. A foreign reporter struggling to produce her story in the middle of the riots. The empty streets of Paris. A house. A bedroom, a kitchen. Two worlds brought into one. A greek girl, keeping up to her morning habits, while things back home explode. A mysterious connection between her actions and the reporter’s voice. As if she could hear it all. As if she could feel the teargas in her own eyes. As if she truly was there. This video / film / protest / riot was originally created for KLAP magazine #0 issue, “Back to Origins”, and reedited with a better sound design. ”

Director: Δανάη Παπαϊωάννου
Actor: Δάφνη Kουτσαφτή