A beautiful Sunday, somewhere in Poland. Friends meet to cook together. There are
flowers in a vase and on the plate. Scones with ricotta, rose
marmelade and rose petals in sugar. Saffron risotto, veal with orchid
pesto. Fresh salad with fennel, cape goosberries, pansies, and dasies.
Goat cheese cake with bluebottle flowers, rose ice creams. And oh, their
dog had his plate full, too…

“Love is the flower you ‘ve got to let grow…”

Author: Paweł Hoffman
Post-production: SMAK
Camera assistant: Szymon Fit
Set Design: Anna Szczęsna, Ula Wasielewska
Food: Bartlomiej Polak Kuchnia Funkcjonalna, Maria Przybyszewska
Food Styling: Maria Przybyszewska
Equipment: Pinup Studio
Production: Magazyn SMAK

Magazyn SMAK is a polish magazine for food lovers.

Source: www.magazynsmak.pl