Top favorite Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) managed, after a short period since our last mention to her, to emerge into an absolute Weird Pop Princess of our days. Having been interviewed by the best music magazines and newspapers and after creating a huge buzz around her with critically acclaimed new songs and an eccentric personality, Grimes released her new full-length titled “Visions”, a few days ago in the USA. It is a wonderful experimental dream pop LP, which is for sure going to be one of the best albums of the year. A subversive and quite feminist music video for the first single “Oblivion” was released just last Friday, directed by Emily Kai Bock, showing us Grimes singing and dancing her  dreamy-like song into unexpected male-dominant spaces, such as a football mach, a motocross exhibition and a male locker room. Claire and Emily claimed that through these images they wanted to assert an abstract female power in these male-dominated arenas, criticizing this way both male and also female models of masculinity and femininity.