Fiona Halpin: From Finland to Greece and back

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Fiona Halpin is a model and lives in Finland. She rang our doorbell, on a late afternoon while the sun was setting, for a casting call that had been delayed. Once we saw her, we realized she was the same girl who was photographed for the first time, three years ago, for Ozon Raw magazine.


How long have you been modeling?  When did you first come to Greece?


I started modeling at 15. My first trip to Greece was when I turned 16. I’ve been here two more times for vacation. My first time here as a model, was during the summer of 2011.


Do you remember your first photoshoot for Ozon RAW Magazine?


Of course. I can recall every detail. Such a wonderful team you have! I remember I was a bit nervous but excited, when we started. It was a hot day –a very hot day- and we were shooting on a rooftop. I believe I have learned a lot from that shoot and I always look back on that editorial.


How did you feel when your first casting call brought to you to the new Ozon Raw headquarters?


Well, I had a shooting before the casting that day, so I arrived really really late. I was extremely happy about the call and looking forward to finding out whether the same team was still around or not. I wanted to see what could have changed. A lot has. When I finally arrived, you guys were nice enough to take me in for the casting despite being late. I was even more pleased when I realized you remembered me too, and were happy to see me. Plus, I loved the new headquarters.


Cast your mind back a bit. Do you think you have changed a lot throughout these years?


During these three years I believe that I have changed and grown up a lot, yes. Traveling in new places has taught me a great deal of things, not to mention the experiences I’ve gained. I think these last years have played a major role in helping me become who I am right now. I must tell you I’m far more mature than the girl you met three years ago. I look back on my first trip with a big smile on my face since it was an amazing experience and the starting point of my career as a model. Looking back makes me realize how much I’ve learned and evolved since then. I think I’m still the same person, though now I know who I truly am.


Can you spot any differences between the street style in Finland and Greece?


Both street styles are kind of similar, but in a way quite different. One thing in common is that most people have their own, personal style. Something I really like. A massive difference between the street style in Greece and in Finland, is that in Greece one can combine autumn clothes and shoes, boots, etc in various ways since you have a gradual development from your hot days to your cold ones. In Finland the style is very “Scandinavian-ish”, which translates into “very dependent on the weather”.


Which countries have you visited so far, working as a model?


Well, I have not been able to travel as much as I want because of my studies. I graduated in spring and decided to take a couple of years off from university, in order to become a full time model. I have only been in Athens, Istanbul, and Barcelona.




Interview: Nelly Skoufatoglou  Photography: Thodoris Markou