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“Icons and Iconoclasts” by Louis Vuitton


Κarl Lagerfeld will be designing a “punching bag” for Louis Vuitton. The notorious designer has not left Chanel, for one of its greatest competitors. But they are joining forces for the 160th anniversary project Icons and iconoclasts.

Icon stands for the brown monogram bag, and the Iconoclasts -except for Lagerfeld- will be designers, such as Rei Kawakubo, Marc Newson and Christian Louboutin, photographer Cindy Sherman and architect Frank Gehry. Based on a delphine Arnault’s idea -vice executive president of LVMH, the project is aiming to a new collection of bags and luggage, by altering their common image.

The designers have been selected by Nicolas Ghesquière. Some of them, however, have already developed some kind of relationship either with the brand or the Arnault family. For example, Rei Kawakubo has designed an accessories collection -during the Marc Jacobs era-, while the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, designed by Frank Gehry will be completed by autumn. Moreover, LVMH owns a Fendi share, of which Lagerfeld is a designer, and Bernard Arnault is said to have given him two Jeff Koons’ “Venuses” as a present.

Images from this collaboration’s products have not yet been released, but are expected during October. Their price will vary between 2,000€ and 4,000€.

Louis Vuitton “Icon and Iconoclasts”,