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Μοντέλο της χρονιάς η Anna Ewers!

Model Of The Year 2015: Anna Ewers!

You may think  that model of the year for 2015 is Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.But you are wrong!This year's award goes to Anna Ewers, a 22-year-old model f...

The Best Instagram Photos of 2015

After the success of Kendall Jenner's photo with her heart shaped hair, we decided to gather the most beloved and famous photographs for 2015. @cherylof...

Happy Birthday Vogue Paris!

Vogue Paris is now 95 years old. And the whole fashion industry is celebrating it. Vogue Paris celebrates 95 years of a legendary magazine, with a fo...

The most popular models of 2014

Modeling has conquered the stars-system and Hollywood has a spot for every well-known model on the planet. That's why "the most popular models of the year" ...

The Most Valuable Model!

2015 was undoubtedly her year. Having fronted 14 campaigns, she managed to overrule Kate Moss and Cra Delevingne. We are talking about Kendal Jenner, who...