A maze of big suspended globes that react to external stimuli by changing color and producing sounds was the latest “exhibition” of the Team Lab that was held in the Hong Kong Arts Center.

The interactive installation that was described by its creators as a “homogenizing and transforming world” included big balls connected wirelessly. The balls -thanks to their special technology- when touched by people, bump into other objects or receive a shock. They change colors and relative sounds are produced. Each ball after receiving this stimulation, transfers the information to the other balls until all of them get the same color.

Team Lab equate this function with the growing interaction of the internet. As they state through their website: “The internet has spread throughout the world. Individuals are connected to closely related people and information spreads back and forth freely between them. People act as the intermediary for the information and in an instant the information spreads and the world unifies.”



luminous-colored-spheres-by-team-lab-respond-to-human-touch-designboom-08 (1)