A Western Journalist and African Tribe Women Compare Their Breasts!

Which factors affect breast ptosis? A journalist of the Western World compares her breasts to those of an African tribe women, questioning the 15-year-old research, according to which wearing a bra makes breasts sag more than not wearing a bra.

Does wearing a bra affect the breast ptosis? A series of photographs by Alexander Gusov transcend language, bringing people of different cultures even closer and show that actually the bra does not make the breast sag more, as some African tribe women, who have never worn a bra in their life, might have a more sagged breast, despite the assumption until today, which is the result of a 15-year-old research, that the bra makes the breast sag more.

In fact, sagging is partly determined by inherited traits like skin elasticity and breast density, which affects the ratio of lightweight fat to heavier mammary glands. Some of the sagging is due to the aging of the glandular tissues that produce breast firmness. The biggest factors affecting ptosis of the breasts are cigarette smoking, a woman’s body mass index (BMI), her number of pregnancies, her breast cup size before pregnancy, and age.

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