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French Trains are Turned into Mobile Museums of Art!


This summer, the passengers of Saint-Lazare – Vernon-Giverny line in France might enjoy some impressionist art, after the decision of the National Railway Company (SNCF) to decorate the trains of this line with great works of impressionism. Because art should be accessible to all!

We all know how expensive train tickets are abroad, even for the destinations within the country. But could this high price be somehow justified, if the trip is combined with an unexpected visit to a museum? This idea seems to have inspired the French makers, who decided to decorate selected trains with impressionist paintings (with reproductions of famous works) gathered from the Orsay Museum, with photographs of architecture from Versailles and with images from the oldest film studio, Gaumont!

If you wonder why the specific trains were chosen, you should have in mind that this train line travels through areas that served as inspiration for some of the most established artists, before reaching the summer house, where Claude Monet painted the famous “Water Lilies “.

It seems that for the French people nothing is random – not even their decision to offer their passengers a great culture trip, even during the shortest train route.