Now You Can Work Out On The Bus!


London gym decided to design specialised buses, in order to enable passengers to exercise on their way to work. Because time is money!

The wild pace of life in big cities and the “empty” time you can  spend on the bus – if not surfing on your smartphone or taking a quick nap in the morning, inspired a large chain of gyms in London to convert buses into gyms. The company 1Rebel had the idea to start Ride2Rebel – as these buses are called, with many routes across London, initially placing bikes for spinning classes, mirrors and loud music, addressing only to gym members. All routes will in fact end to one of their gyms, where the “passengers” can continue their training or be prepared for work.

James Balfour, one of the founders of 1Rebel, told Stylist.co.uk: “Time is precious in London. Factoring in time to commute to work and go to the gym is often too difficult for many people. Some people chose to exercise by cycling to work but are faced with British weather, and being responsible for their bike either end.”

Let’s see if their idea will work.