A suite…400 meters above the ground!


How would you feel to wake up in a four-bedded suite in Peru overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incas? Awesome, huh? Even if the suite was hanging from a cliff in the air, 400 meters above the ground?

If you are into climbing and love adventure and travelling, then “Skylodge Adventure” suites, overlooking (with a 300 degrees view) the Sacred Valley – Urubamba in Peru, is the ideal place to be for you. Weather resistant, since they are made of aluminum and polycarbonate, with a dimension of 7 over 2.5 meters, each one of them has (apart from a magnificent view) one double and two single beds, a dining room and a bathroom. The hardest part of the whole experience? Getting there. You will either be asked to cross a hanging bridge and then climb on the steep cliffs of the Peruvian Andes or you can simply cancel your stay and search for the nearest luxurious hotel in Cusco. If you go for the first choice, you can book a suite here – the accommodation costs 250 euros per night, including breakfast and dinner.