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Zurich Special Report:Ben Weinberg – Shopping and Art

Ben Weinberg is one of the owners of the Weinberg fashion stores in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse but also a collector proudly continuing his family passionate tradition in collecting art.

How did you start your collection and what does collecting art means for you?

I consider collecting art as a privilege. Not only because I’m able to buying art. The interest in art has led me to many exciting places, discussions, considerations, friendships. Art is enriching my life and adds to it an additional dimension.

What is that special ingredient that makes a collection unique?

I believe that we find the answers in describing serious collectors. A ‘real’ collector is very knowledgeable. He spends a lot of time with research and reading. He trains his eyes in visiting exhibitions, artist studios, and art fairs. He buys according to his personal criteria and is constantly aware of what is going on within his ‘network’. A collection put together by a serious collector always reflects his personality. I would describe this as ‘authentic’. There is like a red line going through the collection. A ‘real’ collector often knows stories connected to one or the other piece.

Speaking also as an owner of fashion stores do you believe that there are connections between fashion and art?

There is obviously a lot in common between fashion and art. Designers are like artists. They are able to find new answers of how a style should look like. As a fashion retailer you find yourself in a similar position as a gallery. Your job is to put together a selection of brands and designers that makes your store unique. Like in art this requires a permanent research and networking.

Source: weinberg

Interview and photography: Irini Miga