Halcyon Selects: Aérea Negrot – Todeloo

Aérea Negrot, already known as a member of Hercules and Love Affair, released her first solo album “Arabxilla” from BPitchControl. Having a hermaphrodite voice and appearance, she managed to create a unique eccentric persona, while her powerful stage performance and range vocal potential, list her as one of the best performers of electronic music scene. She describes her sound as techno opera, but we can simply describe it as a combination of electronica, techno, cabaret and pop. Arabxilla is a pure experiential album that you can mostly admire than actually enjoy and it is certainly not addressed to a mainstream audience.

It’s an experimental, irregular, dance music project with unusual drum patterns and tough lyrics. Her new video clip for the song “Todaloo”, which is directed by Adam Kalderon and Roe Efrat, might look playful and sound happy, but if you take a better look at the lyrics you will notice that it is an attack against her parents for treating her bad during her adolescence. Aérea is here to disturb us!