Taken during the ‘She is going to get you’ editorial, at Milan.

Text: Danai Alaska/ Photography: Jovanka Savic

I am looking at you. Trying to stand still. I remember you told me once I look better when I stand still.
I haven’t moved an inch since and now it starts to hurt. My mouth is half open. Look at me, I am posing.
I could scream, be surprised, angry. But it’s not me who decide. I can hardly see you; secure and protected.
I’m trying to balance on the stool and you say we miss on tension. Someone messes with my hair and I am
laughing. Usually they mess with our heads, and that is not funny at all. When I stop posing, I go out in
town, I smoke, I dance and I grow old. Lately you say silly things about my clothes that look too colourful
and you think of me in black and white, just like an x-ray.