In a world dressed with denim, Uffie takes off the masque of the young fashion icon. She has lately drawn attention with her famous collaborations, her joining the legend Ed Banger and her last year’s much anticipated debut. From France, with love.

-You take influences from hip-hop and acid house and mix them into electro, rap and nuskool. Do you feel you will continue on that direction?

Actually its not really an influence… But Ι do love rap. It’s something Ι listen to so will always be an influence, but on the next record Ι want to play a lot more with my punk side.

-In 2010 you released debut album ‘sex dreams and denim jeans’. Are sex, dreams and denim what inspire you the most?

Sex is a very important part of your adolescence and life so its definitely a big influence… But life in general and my adventures inspire me the most.

-The album was co-produced with some of the coolest electro djs (feadz, mr. Oizo, sebastian, and mirwais). Some comments about those collaborations?

Well Feadz, Sebastian and Mr.Oizo were friends before, so it was a really natural place to start (thankfully they are all extremely talents!!). I’ve always been a fan of Μirwais so working together was quite nerve racking and exciting. He made me grow a lot as an artist and really pushed me outside my comfort zone.

-You have said: ‘this album was the end of my crazy youth and the intro to my adult life’. Can you elaborate?

Well I wrote and recorded it over a three year period, that was kind of my teenage rebellion time so it mainly focused on those experiences. Since then Ι’ve grown a lot, become a mum etc so those new experiences will play into the next record.

-Do you feel attached with the spirit of the ed banger records?

It’s where everything began, so it will always hold a big part of my heart.

-Last year you announced your partnership with diesel for a collection which is described as ’12 pieces combining leather and denim with mixed materials’. Ηow did that go?

I was happy with the collaboration and the diesel team too. It was a very fun experience.

-Do you wear jeans often and if yes, what kind?

I am a big jeans person but Ι am not crazy about all the washes, more of a dark blue or black kinda girl.

-What are your future plans?

I have already started working on my second album and its really exciting and nice to get back to writing and recording. Of course Ι will keep up touring.

Interview: Eleftheria Ioannidou | Photography: Justin Wu | Styling: Simon Gensowski | Assistant: Peter Hand |