OLOW Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.


The French brand, OLOW has recently showcased its Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook. The new collection is titled “L’ Echappee” and it’s about a man that leaves the city, and returns to mother nature. The images are breathtaking. The silhouette is plain, the color palette varies, while practicality and comfort are accentuated. We loved the earth-inspired prints and the shagged jean shorts.

OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy17 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy2 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy3 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy4 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy5 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy6 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy7 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy8 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy9 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy10 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy11 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy12 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy13 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy14 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy15 OLOW-SS14_lookbook_fy16