“Put the pedal to the metal”: that’s the expression that inspired Marina Lambropoulou’s brand, Tothemetal. She started soon after she moved to Thessaloniki, after leaving Athens and her former job as an accountant, to study silversmithing at the Mokume department of the city. Had not it been for her family and then boyfriend, now husband, she would not have made the leap to pursue her dream.

And thank god, she did so, for both us and her. Her jewellery inspire us thanks to their clean cut lines and her contemporary, yet timeless minimalistic approach. Tothemetal has necklaces, pendants, a bracelet and those earrings, we can’t have enough of! These lines that make us think that her brand has much more to offer to her constantly increasing number of fans. And yes, we are among them. And you should be, too.

Now, she is the mother of a son, she finds herself to have become even more productive, due to lack of time. And she is now aspiring to gain recognition abroad and have her own shop. All the best to Marina!

You can find more of Tothemetal at OZON Boutique.