2010 Vimeo Awards Winners

‘Last Minutes with ODEN’ Winner Best Video 2010, Best Documentary 2010 by Eliot Rausch, Lukas Korver, Matt Taylor – Phos Pictures

Full List of Winners:

Narrative: “Thrush” by Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Documentary: “Last Minutes with ODEN” by Eliot Rausch
Music Video: “Liars ‘Scissor'” by Andy Bruntel
Animation: “Between Bears” by Eran Hilleli
Original Series: “Break-ups The Series” by Ted Tremper
Experimental: “oops” by Chris Beckman
Motion Graphics: “TRIANGLE” by Onur Senturk
Captured: “Fluid Sculpture”by Charlie Bucket
Remix: “BREAKDOWN the video” by Kasumi ‘Last Minutes with ODEN’

source: vimeo.com