Art & Design

Τhe Maximum Garden House


Singapore based Formwerkz Architects proposed a garden alternative. Normally, in the urban design, what is usually left over after the building construction is no more than a slender planting strip on the ground, called garden. Hence, client’s motivation was to seek more garden and green spaces.Enclosing part of the building façade on the upper floor is a layer of planting system that Formwerkz devised to behave more like a curtain wall. Its primary function is to perform as a privacy screen and to keep the rain out. The sloping roof terrace is derived from the staggered section of the house and retained a continuous flow from the indoorA setting for outdoor dining and barbeque is created in sunken portion of the deck. The sloping roof-scape reminds of an undulating terrain.”We imagined the inclined plane to be more conducive to sit or lie down and have a conversation while looking out in the same direction, sharing the same moment, like one do in a park” said Formwerkz Architects.



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