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The “Naked” Art of Guy Bourdin

Bourdin Guy 2003 06 01 A 031

By combining sex, violence and a uniquely dark sense of humor, the great French photographer Guy Bourdin challenged convention, but also the crowd, since he created different and provoking images for the 60s.

By moving fashion photography to a level that has a difference from the mere touting of garments, the photographer transferred his messages through his art in a shocking, for the time, way. Despite having received numerous negative comments, Bourdin became well-known and as a result his photography was hosted many times in French Vogue. Loyal as he was to his art, he refused to sell or exhibit his photographs and every effort of his opponents to imitate his unique style was hopeless.

After the most recent video of  Nowness, Guy Bourdin is on the spotlight and once again he is the main subject of discussion. The video has the usual dull colors and low lighting while starring a young naked girl. Despite the first impression we may have, the video does not present anything provoking, but a snapshot of playfulness and animation. While there is no soundtrack, it is hard to understand what is really happening. Maybe the photographer directs the girl. Conclusions are up to our imagination.