Art & Design

Frame Store in Amsterdam


Frame Magazine‘s Frame Store, that was launched in April 2014 at the Felix Meritis building is moving. The new updated Frame Store, represents the pages of a magazine -combining the 2D with 3D- edited by award winning i29 architects who managed to merge two stores with different backgrounds, into one. The pop- up store at Herengracht 178 now, is a whitewashed space, where someone can find, clothing, books and homewear.

Looking at the front, you can admire its design and setup by watching an installation of white panels and black frames floating throughout the exhibit. Hanging from the walls, floor, and ceiling, these components are meant to replicate a blank canvas, as the use of text and graphics provided by artists link back to FRAME’s origins. These panels can also serve as a canvas, the content of which may change frequently and easily by changing their internal images. These tables can also serve as a personalized exhibition of an artist. You could say that the whole installation reminds a magazine’s pages.

Looking from the inside, from the back of the store, everything seems different. Behind the dashboard are mounted on racks or hangers objects and clothes respectively, in such a way as to create maximum contrast with their environment (eg. black clothes in bright white board). This time the Frame Store hosts the report of Niek Pulles “Future Tribes“.

* Words by Kristel Liakou