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Donatella Versace talks inclusivity in fashion

We live in an era when inclusivity is as important as ever. Every day we come across acts of hate against the Black community or the LGBTQ+ community and it makes us wonder, do we want this world for our children?

When it comes to fashion, an industry that has millions of eyes turned its way, we expect a better example to be set and Donatella Versace with Versace does not fail us on that. In a recent interview she gave Alexander Fury from AnOther magazine, she elaborated on her views on inclusivity and community.

She starts by saying that the COVID lockdown was a great teacher to her since she understood the meaning of community and of standing together to fight. She mentions that it is not all about donations and charity but knowing that no one is alone and that we can expect help to come from unexpected ways in the times of our need.

She also mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement and she said that not only the black community but all diverse communities have always been a part of the Versace family. That is also backed up by history as well showing that Versace has always been diverse.

She continues that “in our family [Versace], we embrace each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we care, [and] we protect.” Those are some words of empowerment and courage, which offer hope in those tough times. She also highlights the fact that just talking about inclusivity and diversity won’t change reality, but actions will, so we need to act more and commit to this cause on a deeper level.

Therefore we can say that Versace keeps its words since it was never hesitant to take a stance on LGBTQ+ inclusion, according to AnOther. Moreover, recently Donatella and the brand have taken a step further. For SS 2021, Versace included diversity in body shape for the first time, casting models like Precious Lee, Alva Claire, and Jill Kortleve. She concludes by saying “Fashion reflects the world we live in. Today that world is so different from the one we knew even six months ago”.

Words by Vasiliki Roussou
Source: AnOther Magazine