James Charles is on fire… again! And not the good kind

By now we assume you know James Charles. He is a famous YouTuber and beauty guru who usually finds himself caught in beauty drama with other gurus like Tati and Jeffree Star.

This time is different though. YouTube has demonetized James Charles which means he loses his ability to make money from the online video platform. Why do you ask? Well, that is a pretty dark subject. He is accused of underage sexting and grooming.

With more than 25.5 million subscribers on YouTube, James is not accused for the first time of the same reason. More than 15 men and boys have claimed that James has been sexually harassing them, with some alleging underage sexting taking place.


The platform said that demonetizing James Charles is part of its Creator Responsibility Policy. Also, they said the following: “We can confirm that we have applied our Creator Responsibility Policy and temporarily removed James Charles from the YouTube partner program.” The policy states “If we see that a creator’s on and/or off-platform behavior harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem we may take action to protect the community.”

Last week the beauty brand Morphe cut ties with James because of these allegations, and James has added that ending the partnership was mutually agreed upon. Their partnership went back to 2018 but now, in the light of the new events, we can see that it has come to an end.

Earlier this month James Charles posted a video with the title “Holding Myself Accountable” trying to explain his stance saying that he was being reckless and that those conversations should have never happened. He also claims that fault information was given to him by those boys claiming to be adults and he naively trusted them. He concludes by saying that he is taking legal action against anyone who had spread misinformation and created fake stories. He has also apologized multiple times but the situation seems to be getting out of hand this time.

Words by Vasiliki Roussou