Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, and more talk about change in new video series by Dior

In a world where women’s and girls’ rights are still jeopardized, Christian Dior and creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri make a bold move to show us that women are as strong as ever.

They have launched a new series of short videos and the inspiration is extraordinary women from all walks of life. Those videos are meant to inspire all women to take their lives into their own hands and choose how they wish to live them.

Full of courage and determination they can build a life not only meaningful to them but also inspiring to those around them. The clips feature Dior ambassadors, activists, actresses, journalists, professors, athletes, photographers, and architects full of power and will to change the world.

The series includes the voices of 17 women who offer wholeheartedly their advice and through their experience they share with us, examples of life that can be fruit for thought. Also, it teaches us a valuable lesson: women are not meant to please others and they must learn when it is time to say no and set their own rules.

Society has created a social construct of what a woman should be and not what a woman wants to be. Therefore being forced to be something you are not is set for a change through the mini-series. Full of powerful messages a vibe of a fresh start is created.

Natalie Portman says “It was instilled in me very early on that if there is injustice you have to stand up. Because not standing up against injustice is being complicit with it” inviting all women to stand up for themselves.

Additionally, #Diorstandswithwomen and #Diorchinup series includes the great work of Charlize Theron, which is about providing financial help to young girls in Africa for their education through university. The foundation was launched in 2019 and it is called CTAOP Youth Leader Scholarship Program and Dior has decided to help fund it.

Isn’t it so refreshing and inspiring to witness such an initiative that aims to change the world?

You can stream the series on YouTube.

Words by Vasiliki Roussou
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