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Take a look into Pierre Cardin’s life: the documentary

Pierre Cardin’s life has become the theme of a documentary and it is time for fashion enthusiasts to educate themselves on the man that has shaped fashion.

Last year, House of Cardin was created, a documentary dedicated to Pierre Cardin. Icons joined to narrate the fashion legend’s life, and share their experiences and admiration of his timeless work. The question they try to answer in this documentary is “how one man became a fashion empire”.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Naomi Campell, Sharon Stone, and Guo Pei are some of the many names featured in the documentary, sharing how his life and creations were an inspiration to all and how ahead of his time he was. Influential musicians also make an appearance in the documentary, like Alice Cooper and Dionne Warwick.

Pierre Cardin himself also appears, giving extensive interviews that were conducted just before his death at the age of 98, on December 29th, 2020. He shares that he was never afraid or tired of work. It was his passion. Also, he never hesitated to create anything that was asked of him. He lived a full life, surrounded by icons, actors, and actresses which he loved dressing and he also admitted that he admired femininity.

The directors of House of Cardin are P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes and they have said that the documentary will arrive online in the UK and Ireland, via Blue Finch Film Releasing. It will also be available for online download from April 26th, 2021.

As for now, a trailer has been released to prepare us for what to expect. It offers insight with clips and stills from his life, his shows, his work, and his house. We cannot wait to watch it and to admire the legacy that he has left behind.

Watch the trailer:

Words by Vasiliki Roussou