An airplane bag! Did Louis Vuitton go too far?

Louis Vuitton bags have always been a luxury for women and men but this time Louis Vuitton has taken them one step further.

Have you ever imagined a bag and an airplane combined? Well, Louis Vuitton has! This airplane-shaped bag for men exists as of 2021 and it sells for $39,000. The bag is a part of the recent traveling collection the brand launched. It is covered with the famous Louis Vuitton logo and it is a replica of an airplane, with wings and everything.

Even though fashion never seizes to surprise and amuse us with artistic creations this time we are talking about a real high fashion extravaganza!

Critics say that it is more of a collector’s piece. The designer behind that bag, Virgil Abloh, says his inspiration was the fantasy that we all have, which is to escape our living room and do some traveling. He also says it is not for everybody, as he imagines Cardi B or Lady Gaga “live” for that bag, and he adds that we should be prepared to see it in rap music videos.

Twitter has been on fire about this bag, most of them criticizing the space of it, which does not seem to be very commodious. Also, people have been talking about the famous brand bag’s price. $39,000 is almost 33,000€ and some say that you can actually buy a real airplane with that kind of money.

However, this amount of money is no surprise for a luxurious accessory. For example, the Olsen twins’ luxury fashion line The Row sells a handbag at the price of $49,500 and Hermès sells a piece that costs $2 million. But in this case, it is not only the money that caught us out of guard but the design us well.

What do you think? Would you add this collective piece to your closet?

Words by Vasiliki Roussou
Source: CNN