Harry Styles says yes to handbags for men

Harry Styles has always been an active advocate for gender-bending clothing. He has appeared with sheer blouses, dresses, pearl earrings, make-up, and painted nails. This is definately a move towards setting the tone for the future of menswear.

What is new then you ask? Well, Styles has appeared in Gucci’s Beloved campaign, which is being used to promote its range of Beloved handbags, holding a handbag. And not only did the idol look amazing but he also appears to start the conversation: should men hold handbags? And why aren’t they?

Fashion has most of the time very distinctive views of what is for men and what is for women creating a very narrow space for one to express themselves, especially if they are not under any of those categories or they are both. Gender fluidity has become a massive wave during the last years but of course, it has found some resistance.

However, why should we limit our imagination and expression when all of these limitless options are available to us? Handbags are a staple accessory and they hold as much design and taste as any other accessory if not more. Plus, we should not forget to mention how practical it is.

Harry Styles has shown us, with his last appearance, that there is nothing wrong with swinging a handbag. He personally chose to carry one of the luxury label’s aforementioned Jackie bags. The bag was first introduced in the 1950s as the Constance. Later it was renamed after the former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

On the other hand, it is only fair to mention that other big designers have been pushing for men’s handbags too. The last time we saw them was on the Gucci x Balenciaga catwalk Aria, where models were holding bamboo-handled bags. It is a fresh trend and we totally dig it.

Words by Vasiliki Roussou