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When Gucci’s Aria met Balenciaga: Take a look into the show!

It’s done! And it was amazing.

It has been a long time since rumors were spreading about an alleged Gucci and Balenciaga collaboration. We have all been waiting, holding our breaths, for this relationship to flourish and to witness the outcome which was imagined to be nothing less than fabulous. All we knew until a few days ago was that Gucci was going to launch its show named “Aria” and it was promised to be “one of the houses’ greatest milestones” since it also marks 100 years since Gucci was founded.

The show took place yesterday and we cannot say that we were disappointed. The rumors were true and this pollination gave us, as Dazed explains “Balenciaga’s ferocious silhouettes executed with all of Gucci’s usual bedazzling treatments and trimmings”.

The show was full of square-shouldered forms and suits in hourglass shapes full of crystals. Also, there was a dual logo on pieces of clothing like suits and outerwear. Moreover, there were hybrids of Balenciaga’s angular styles with Gucci’s iconic motif. However, Alessandro Michele does not want this to be called a collaboration but a “hack”.

Such a “hack” was literally never done before! It marks the first time these two enormous brands meet and join their forces to create something as magnificent. Of course, Dries Van Noten and Christian Lacroix collaborated back in 2019 and Miuccia Prada worked with Raf Simons last year but this year we are talking about something completely different. Watching the show makes you think about how you are going to see these items styled over the next year. Surely, however, we all imagine getting our hands on one of these pieces…


Watch the full show:

Words by Vasiliki Roussou