Ozon Insanity: James Holden

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This column usually focuses on up and coming artists, with one eye on the future of electronic/dance music. So what is an established artist like James Holden doing here? Well, his new album for a start. His latest work brings him to the front of the line once more, after a seven year recording “gap” which saw him focusing mainly on DJing and working with his Border Community label. And so, deep into 2013, Holden reintroduces himself with “The Inheritors”, an album drawing its inspiration from William Golding’s novella of the same name. In the opinion of this humble scribe, although this is quite a difficult LP to get into, its ultimately worth every second of your time. Drawing heavily from krautrock, early analogue electronica as well as pagan and folk sounds, “The Inheritors” is a superbly constructed piece, which shares very little in common with Holden’s earlier work, and places him firmly amongst the frontrunners of the electronic music scene alongside artists like Four Tet, Apparat and Caribou.

Text: Vangelis Kamarakis
Translation: Gerard Papasimakopoulos