Billie Eilish: Her Vogue cover and opening up about abuse

Lately, Billie Eilish has taken over the internet with her new songs “Your Power” and “Happier Than Ever”, and her Vogue cover which is groundbreaking having in mind how we were used to seeing her until now. Other than that she recently admitted publicly that she was abused as a minor.

First things first, we witness a new Billie on the cover of Vogue and she sure is breathtaking. We were used to seeing her in baggy clothes and sneakers but now she offers a set of photos where she is almost unrecognizable.

The photoshoot features Billie in sexy poses wearing tights, corsets, bodysuits, and high heels. She has also changed her hair from black with neon green roots to blonde pinup waves. The photoshoot was Billie’s idea referencing old Hollywood and pinup girls and she admits that it is something that she has never done before, except when she was alone.

Before the photo shoot, she knew that the corset pictures would cause backlash but she explained “If I’m honest with you, I hate my stomach, and that’s why”. Of course, she predicted that some people might say that if she is body positive why wouldn’t she show her true body and to that she says that she is known for doing what she wants, and if you like what you wear then it is your right to wear it, regardless what people say. She adds “If you feel like you look good, you look good.”

Of course, fans love her new looks and the Twitter is overcrowded with tweets about it.

However, as part of her British Vogue cover story, Billie Eilish opened up about her experience with abuse. Her interview came shortly after her new song “Your Power” was released, and as Billie says it is an open letter to people who take advantage “mostly men.”

She explains that people can take advantage of minors not having in mind that they will grow up and realize what has happened to them and how it will affect their lives and psychology. She adds that no matter how confident you are and how strong, there are times that you can be abused and the moment you realize it is the hardest. Even though she talked about her experience she did not specify who her abuser was.

Nevertheless, there is some backlash combining her story and her Vogue cover. People might say that she shouldn’t have taken provocative pictures while talking about sexual abuse but she slaps back by saying that there is no excuse for abuse, either you’re dressed with corsets or with baggy t-shirts. We are standing by Billie Eilish and love both her honesty and the messages she tries to send.

Read her full story on Vogue.


Words by: Vasiliki Roussou