Roskilde Festival 2014: Feminine and Masculine at the Same Time


Meet the cool front singer Julie Aagaard of the new Danish duo, Kill J. They have caused quite a stir with only a few singles out and played their first concert at Roskilde, on Wednesday evening.

#1: What was it like performing on Roskilde for the first time?

It was a magnificent experience! It is a milestone and a very big deal for all Danish musicians to accomplish. Roskilde Festival has a big status in the Danish cultural industry. We were nervous if people would show up, but it was so cool when people came and the audience were even singing along to our lyrics. That was very special for me. I like being a bit nervous before a concert. It creates a better performance. But this time, I was almost more nervous about not getting nervous. Fortunately, 10 minutes before the show, I did.

#2: What is your relationship with the festival?

It is as dream coming here as a performing artist, but as a teenager I wasn’t allowed to come here. My parents were afraid I would become never go back home. When I was old enough, I had lived abroad. So I have only experienced Roskilde, as an adult.

#3: Can you describe the Kill J universe?

This project grew out of a previous project. We tried a lot of different sounds. But we wanted to do too much. So from that the project evolved to the “Kill your darling” project. I am not good at labeling the music, but when people ask I would say it is pop music. Alternative pop, electronic music with R&B elements! When we found our sound, I personally wanted to look like our music. We wanted it to be simple, fragile and feminine, but also bombastic and destructive –even masculine. I want to look feminine and masculine at the same time.

#4: Which concert do you personally look forward to experiencing at the festival?

Definitely Earl Sweatshirt and Outcast. I also look forward to seeing Future Islands. The way the front singer performs is out of this world. I want to see it with my own eyes. How he performs with every fibre of his body. It is always veryinspiring to see how another artist acts on stage.

Take a look at Kill J’s cool video for their single “Bullit”.

Christina, Nanna & Tine.