Stockholm-based Folkform Studio which is owned  and run by Chandra Ahlsell and Anna Holmquist, both industrial designers, presented Skyline lamp at Stockholm 2014. The Skyline lamp series is inspired by Stockholm’s suburban structure and buildings. “Many of our products are inspired by architecture and the graphic expression in buildings. The particular Skyline lamp was inspired by the raw concrete suburb where I grew up, called Vällingby” says Folkform cofounder Anna Holmquist. The collection is made in brass, black and white, especially brass was inspired by the metal workshops in the South of Sweden. Skyline series tells a story about Swedish recent architectural and constructional history.



The Skyline lamp was shown during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair, it was originally launched in 2011 though, and was also presented to the Swedish consort Her Majesty Queen Silvia for her seventieth birthday.