Bea Bühler Réticule Collection Goes Round


A collection inspired by the typical woman’s small handbag in the 18th century, is the new hot trend in France. The Réticule story begins in the late 18th century. A time when feminine silhouettes became sleeker and simpler and ladies required new more comfortable ways of carrying their processions.

On the occasion of a young designers contest hosted by Hermès, Bea Bühler decided to travel back in time and reinvent the Réticule bags as a real statement piece. Round and flexible, this pouch-style bag is so chic and elegant that even the baroque “mademoiselles” from the past would love it. Nevertheless, it is the famous house Hermès that is behind the know-how of the leather elaboration. This “curvy lady” is dedicated only to women and is available in different sizes and colours.

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