“A Day In San Francisco” Alongside Photographer Travis Jensen

travis jensen san francisco 10

Travis Jensen moved to San Francisco 2 decades ago, just after having graduated from High School. Ever sinc, he has never stopped shooting people of the City, he is so much in love with. And the City includes its oddities, its smells, its sounds. His “Barbary Coast Now” series presents San Francisco, the way he lives it ever yday, while strolling around it, while taking pictures of faces and events that grab his attention.

For Jensen, “good photography” equals real life. This is where you can find all elements that make a photo sincere and automatically, attractive. The Werehaus studio followed during one day of his life, “where he walks around San Fransisco city on a Sunday, together with his peers to show us the live action behind the subjects he captures. The resulting video encapsulates the essence behind the true urban experience within a photographer’s work day, and acts as an interesting insight into the kind of situations you can find when you take the time to venture out.”